Toowit Toowoo originally began with the 48 second film contest in 2010.

A passion for combining post effects with live action footage led to the creation of Toowit Toowoo as a fully fledged 48 hours team.

Inspired by Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation, Puppixelmation is the art of combining puppetry, stop motion, 3D and visual effects with the aim of creating a fantastic animated film in 48 hours.
Paul is a visual effects freelancer with a background in fast turnaround television and a "fix it in post" attitude. He loves puppets, animation and tight deadlines.
Oana is a 3D artist with programming and screen writing experience. She loves trying new techniques and experimenting with different types of media.
Bronywn is a legal immigrant, film-maker, and cheap labourer. She's mean with a craft knife and we try not to upset her!
Damon is a designer, film-maker and total space geek. He has also just finished what critics are describing as one of the best woman-alone-on-Mars films of all time.